Cheap Hydroponics System
Cheapest Hydroponics System

Cheap Hydroponics System


Product Description

This is the least expensive hydroponics kit you can buy, dollar per plant. We know because we build this in house. You won’t find it anywhere else. We went shopping for the cheapest hydroponics system and found hardly anything that had more than one plant and cost less than 100 dollars. This has six plants for just 35. I doubt you’ll find anything better or even close.

We built this cheap because we want people to get started growing rather than having to first build a system just to save some money. Too many people never get a system built. With this six plant system, you’ll be starting your growing instead of making another trip to the hardware store.

This cheap hydroponics system contains

  • Six net pots
  • Air pump
  • Air stone
  • Tubing
  • A large water reservoir
  • All the holes drilled to make setup of this hydroponics system easy

Additional Information

Weight 5.0 lbs


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