Cheap Hydroponics System

Hydroponics is expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ve created our cheap hydroponics system for beginners that everyone should be able to afford.

Hundreds of people search Google for “cheap hydroponics system” every month because there simply aren’t that many options out there. The big producers of hydroponics make large or complicated kits that can cost 70 bucks for just one plant- just one plant! So we created a six plant hydroponics system that only costs $35.

Product Contents:

  • 12.5 gallon reservoir
  • Air pump
  • Air stone
  • 6 net cups
  • Tubing

Why we Created an Affordable Hydroponics System

This is an awesome beginners hydroponics kit because it has everything you need in a system and nothing you don’t. Hydroponics is a practice of trial and error that everyone has to go through. You’ll kill more plants than you keep alive at first. There’s no glory in killing a plant in a system that costs 150 dollars. It’s better to experiment on the low end and ramp up from there.

In many ways, this was a wish fulfillment, more than anything. Yes, there is a market need for a cheap hydroponics system that wasn’t being fulfilled by anyone else, but even more than that, many at our company had to build their own system because there weren’t any cheap ones out there. This mean hours of trips to the hardware store, watching YouTube videos, buying drill parts, etc before we could even get started doing what we wanted to do: grow some plants!!!

So, if you’re someone who doesn’t want to break out their power tools or draw up diagrams or find the right parts, then you’re the one we created this system for.

How We Created our Cheap Hydroponics System

We did two basic things to make this thing affordable. First, we went bare bones. Deep Water Cultures are low maintenance and have the fewest elements for the first six plants or so. We made this things low thrills so we could get it out the door as cheaply as possible. Second, scale makes everything cheaper. We buy in bulk and produce in bulk.

Is This the Cheapest Hydroponics System Available?

We haven’t found anything cheaper. If you find one, drop us a line. That being said, doing something on your own with components you have will always be the cheapest, that is, until you factor in time spent.

Hydroponics is an investment that can pay itself off ten fold or more, and with a cheaper system and less time spent, that number only goes up. So buy our cheap system now and get started!